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Fall Fashion Week Minnesota 2018

Fashion Week is usually associated with cities like New York, London, Paris, and Milan. However, I found out this year that the Twin Cities (Minnesota) also has its very own week-long celebration of everything fashion twice a year.

In 2018, I not only attended, but also participated in many of the Fall Fashion Week MN events. Because it was my first time attending #FWMN events, I requested backstage/behind-the-scenes photography passes to many of the shows and volunteered at some of the events. I made the most of the week and experienced as much of it as I possibly could. I thought it was extra special because the events promoted local designers and businesses.

I felt overwhelmed at first because everyone I met oozed fashion and I felt unsure of my style choices. However, it was refreshing to see diverse pieces—from the latest trends from high-end labels to second-hand vintage finds to one-of-a-kind gems from local designers, from minimalistic outfits to every pattern and texture imaginable in one ensemble. I later realized that it was all about expressing yourself and being confident about it. That realization allowed me to have a great time and enjoy meeting different people.


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