Candice D.

Hi everyone! Thank you for swinging by my site.

Photo by: EAD

I’m a documentary, fashion, and landscape photographer, capturing moments, stories, and life through my photos as I find my way around the business of art. I’ve done some photography projects for nonprofit organizations, such as the Foundation for Philippine Medical Missions (FPMM) and Inside Outside Upside Down Arts (IOU Arts). I have also photographed events and runway shows for fashion and lifestyle brands, such as by Niche, The Scout Guide (TSG) Minnesota, and The Volk Magazine; and designers such as Karen Morris Millinery. Some of my photos from the Northern Vogue 2018 runway were published in Minnesota Monthly Magazine’s Style Blog and I captured the Northern Vogue Gala 2019 promotional photos. I also volunteer as the Digital Communications Coordinator for the Foundation for Philippine Medical Missions (FPMM). I manage and create digital content, photograph events, assist in administrative tasks, and volunteer at medical missions.

I grew up in the Philippines, but later moved to the USA. I’m a bookworm, bibliophile, wanderlust, Whovian, Potterhead, Netflix-binger, Instagramaholic, foodie, coffee addict, night owl, and a practical romantic (if one exists). My friends can attest that my personal style prioritizes comfort and function (specifically, multifunctionality), especially on long flights, quick runs to the grocery store, and most especially any activity that requires hiking. However, I also love a well-thought-out outfit and everything about fashion. I see it as a means of self-expression through wearable art. I also create my own jewelry because it’s easier than shopping around looking for the perfect piece.

For the longest time, I thought there was only one road to success—get as much formal education as I could, collect many letters and titles after my name, then measure my success by the amount of money I make. As I got older, my experiences and the people I met taught me that we make our own definitions of success. So now as an adult, I can confidently say I continue to discover who I want to be when I grow up, and I’m ok with that.

-Candice D.

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