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Preparing for Childbirth: Hospital Bags

Finally, I've packed my hospital bag. I still need to add a couple more items that I'm still waiting to be delivered, but for the most part, I already packed the things I think I'll need. It overwhelmed me at first, especially when I first listed all the items I thought I wanted to bring,… Continue reading Preparing for Childbirth: Hospital Bags

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Taking the Plunge: Photographing a Runway Show for Fashion Week Minnesota

In the Fall of this year, I received an email from a local designer asking if I was available to photograph her upcoming runway show for Fashion Week Minnesota. Excitement was the first feeling I felt, then dread. If I accepted, it was going to be my first ever paid runway photography project. In the… Continue reading Taking the Plunge: Photographing a Runway Show for Fashion Week Minnesota


I Cooked Something Edible: Pt. 2

I call this The Lazy Baker edition. The last time I joined the holiday cookie exchange at work was years ago, and even then, I went for no-bake cookie balls because I wanted something easy. After taking a break for many years, I decided to take the plunge again and sign-up for this year's cookie… Continue reading I Cooked Something Edible: Pt. 2

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My Travel Photography Essentials

When I first thought about getting serious with travel photography, I knew my gear had to be light. My cardio game has never been good, so adding a lot more weight to myself will just slow me down even more, especially when I have to climb or hike to get good photos. Minimal Gear When… Continue reading My Travel Photography Essentials


Bespoke Jewelry by Me

I rarely wear accessories other than the essentials (i.e., a watch on one wrist and a hair tie on the other). So when I do wear them, I’m very particular. I like unique pieces that seem to be made specifically for the outfit I’m wearing. Of course, I always have a difficult time finding “the… Continue reading Bespoke Jewelry by Me