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Taking the Plunge: Photographing a Runway Show for Fashion Week Minnesota

In the Fall of this year, I received an email from a local designer asking if I was available to photograph her upcoming runway show for Fashion Week Minnesota. Excitement was the first feeling I felt, then dread. If I accepted, it was going to be my first ever paid runway photography project. In the… Continue reading Taking the Plunge: Photographing a Runway Show for Fashion Week Minnesota

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My Travel Photography Essentials

When I first thought about getting serious with travel photography, I knew my gear had to be light. My cardio game has never been good, so adding a lot more weight to myself will just slow me down even more, especially when I have to climb or hike to get good photos. Minimal Gear When… Continue reading My Travel Photography Essentials

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Photographing Iceland

My biggest concern during our 2.5-day winter trip to Iceland was the weather and its effects on my photography equipment and experience. I've gone to the Swiss Alps with my Fujifilm XT20 camera, but other than being cold, it was dry and sunny. Iceland was a different story. It was cold, wet, and gloomy the… Continue reading Photographing Iceland

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Fall Fashion Week Minnesota 2018

Fashion Week is usually associated with cities like New York, London, Paris, and Milan. However, I found out this year that the Twin Cities (Minnesota) also has its very own week-long celebration of everything fashion twice a year. In 2018, I not only attended, but also participated in many of the Fall Fashion Week MN… Continue reading Fall Fashion Week Minnesota 2018