Bespoke Jewelry by Me

I rarely wear accessories other than the essentials (i.e., a watch on one wrist and a hair tie on the other). So when I do wear them, I’m very particular. I like unique pieces that seem to be made specifically for the outfit I’m wearing. Of course, I always have a difficult time finding “the perfect accessory.“ So a few years ago, I decided to make my own jewelry. I started out with earrings because those are my favorite accessories, then I slowly dabbled into also making bracelets, necklaces, a bracelet-ring hybrid, and other accessories.

For my most recent collection, I got inspiration from how much I love to travel. I rarely bring accessories because I always feel like I have to bring everything I own. So, to make life easier for me when I travel, I created magnetic, interchangeable jewelry. With these accessories, I can bring just one base (e.g., earring hooks/studs, bracelet/necklace chain) and multiple pendants, or the other way around, and simply interchange them depending on my mood. So for example, I can use the aqua blue pendants with earring hooks If I want length or studs if I want them to be a bit more low-key.

Making my own jewelry allows me to have another medium to express my personality and creativity. It also makes me feel special to know that I’m wearing a one-of-a-kind accesory specifically made for me. 

For collaborations, projects, and/or special orders, please contact me.


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